NTPC: Commissioned 50MW wind project in Gujarat.

SAIL: The government on Thursday said it has asked state owned SAIL and the world’s largest steelmaker ArcelorMittal to expedite setting up of their proposed joint venture for a Rs 5,000-crore auto-grade steel plant. Company has posted strong result also.(ET)

Sanitaryware and tile stocks: Slab rate for tiles and sanitaryware is currently 28 per cent and the industry has petitioned the government to lower it to 18 per cent; final outcome will be known after the GST Council meet.

Aurobindo Pharma (YoY): Revenue up 17.5 % at Rs 4,436 cr. Net profit up 29 % at Rs 781 cr. EBITDA up 20 % at Rs 1,117 cr. Margin at 25.2 % from 24.6 %.

Vmart Retail: (YoY): Revenue up 23.5% at 242 Cr vs 196 Cr EBITDA at 8.6 Cr vs 2.8 Cr Margins at 3.5% vs 1.4% Net Profit at 2.74 Cr vs Loss of 0.69 Cr

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