Domain knowledge

We have experience of tracking and trading into equity, commodity, currency.

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Advanced technology

Our trading solutions to cater all the type of market participants.

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Priced to deliver value

Only pay for what you need

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Discount Broking

Discount Broking

Trade @15/- per order,Unlimited trading at fixed monthly charges

full service broking

Full Service Broking

Customised & personalised offerings at competitive price

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Why Proficient

We have a range of services & plans to fit your needs. And you have 8 reasons to love it


Our Vision

To achieve your growth

Proficient aims to create deep and enduring relationships with clients by delivering relevant products & services.


Award & Recognition

Appreciation & many more

We are proud to receive “Certificate of Appreciation” from NSE for being top performing members of NBF- II in the year 2014 and 2015-16


Wide range of Products

Designed to cater all your need

We work towards improving our client’s self-awareness and enhancing their abilities with a variety of innovative stock trading ideas and techniques.


Priced to Deliver Value

Simple value plans for everyone!

We offer transparent pricing to help you meet your financial goals, our trading plans are structured specifically to be a better value for investor and trader


Automated Trading

Tailored strategies

A professional-level trading platform with multi asset, multi exchange allowing user to customize, implement and monitor different Strategies in single frame.


Multiple Trading Platform

Simpler, faster, reliable platforms

Our online trading and desktop platform enables fast and secure execution alongwith customizable layouts and intuitive multi-module linking.


Comprehensive Research

Reliable and timely research

We provide insightful reports to help you make only informed decisions and adopt a well-rounded strategy to increase the success rate of your investment


Dedicated Customer Care

To provide best in class service

Our dedicated customer care is committed to provide best-in-class service and support through advanced technology and response mechanisms.

Trade @ Rs 15/- per executed order

No-frills service that is low-cost and efficient, which saves on brokerage costs, instead of charging a hefty brokerage we are offering flat brokerage plan of Rs 15/- per executed order. Our online trading platform provides access to multi exchanges and products under single platform.


  • Flat Rs 15/- per executed order
  • SSL secure trading platform
  • Online Fund Transfer & Back Office.
  • Trade across wide range of devices
  • Multi exchange access in single platform
  • Multi product under one roof

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Pay fixed monthly charges, Trade Unlimited

Our fixed plans are designed to suit all kind of investors and traders. Service brokerage ensures that clients do not miss out on great investment opportunities in depth research services. Gain insights from our guidance, research papers and unique opportunities to invest in private equity & hedge funds.

Choose from our 2 Unlimited Trading Plans

  • Fixed Com 3999 (Commodity)
  • Fixed EQ 6999 (Equity & Currency)


  • Zero brokerage fee, flat monthly fee only
  • Multiple & secure trading platform
  • Online Fund Transfer Facility
  • Sector Research and Section Highlights Reports
  • Trade confirmation by SMS
  • The next generation online trading platform with integrated tools

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Premium services at customized price

Our Flexible Plan offers a wide range of customised products & solutions with access to all exchanges NSE, BSE, MCX & NCDEX under one roof to fit your strategy. Our interactive tools and research that help you select investments to meet your financial goals and optimal return.


  • Tailor-made Brokerage Plan
  • No upfront fees, no minimum volume
  • Research & Advisory services
  • Secure & multi trading platform
  • Constant portfolio tracking
  • Research Calls & Reports for all type of investments

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Automated Trading

Proficient provides high end online trading platform, strategies, services and solutions under one roof, to maximize returns consistently, our dedicated team harnesses algorithmic trading systems that generate highly accurate quantitative strategies.


  • Algorithmic trading end to end support
  • Trading strategy advisory services
  • Helping in developing and deploying strategies
  • Advanced platform for trade execution
  • Trade multiple strategies at one time
  • Backtesting and optimization of strategies

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Research & Analysis

Trader get exclusive access to research calls on whatsapp and trading platform, along with in-depth research reports on global equity, commodity and currency markets focused on short-term trading ideas through a web portal.


  • Research Calls
  • Daily Report
  • Weekly Report
  • Monthly report

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Premium services at customized price

Our Flexible Plan caters various kinds of investors in their diversified needs. We delivered through a bouquet of cutting-edge & innovative products, and customized financial solutions to fit your strategy. Our flexible plan gives you freedom to create a customized plan based on your specific needs.


  • Customized Brokerage Plan
  • No upfront fees, no minimum volume
  • Access to NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX
  • Research & Analysis services
  • Advanced & Secure Trading Platform
  • Constant Portfolio Tracking

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Mutual Fund

Proficient aims to create wealth through strategic long term asset allocation for the clients by professional management and diversified investment. Our recommendations are based on in-depth research and analysis, along with mutual fund performance and ratings to help meet your investment goals.


  • Choice of various schemes from all major fund houses
  • Online and offline transaction facility
  • Professional research and analysis team
  • Monthly MF insights
  • Dedicated Customer Help desk
  • Online Client Back Office

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Initial Public Offering

Clients can easily invest in IPOs online through our superior online trading platform with same expediency of investing in equities hassle free with less paper work. We provide micro research of forthcoming issue and overall sector performance to help our client’s investment grow.


  • Research overview on forthcoming IPO
  • Online Trading Platform
  • Access to multiple devices
  • Online Fund Transfer
  • Investment research services
  • No stamp duty

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Institutional Desk

Proficient strives to build strong, long-standing relationships by delivering effective, timely research services in today’s ever-changing market and providing clients with the highest quality service in achieving all their investment goals.


  • Dedicated & focused team
  • Customized reporting
  • Exceptional Speed & reliability
  • Reliable research services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Multi strategies execution

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Research & Analysis

Investor get exclusive access to research calls on whatsapp and trading platform, along with in-depth research reports on global equity, commodity and currency markets focused on medium to long-term wealth creation ideas through a web portal


  • Research Calls
  • Special Coverage Report
  • Customized Reports
  • Daily Report

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Happiest Customers

98% of our client would recommend Proficient to their family and friends.


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Research Disclaimer

Proficient Equities Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in services of retail broking and shares research data and reports periodically with clients, investors, stakeholders and general public in compliance with SEBI Act, 1992, SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014 and/or any other applicable directives, instructions or guidelines issued by the Regulators from time to time.

Proficient Equities Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Proficient”) is a registered Member of NSE Limited, BSE Limited, MSEI Limited and its associate is member of MCX and NCDEX stock Exchange. It is also registered as a Depository Participant with CDSL.

Our research report is for your general information only and reproducing, re-circulating, publishing it in any media,website, in partial form or as a whole, without the express consent of Proficient Equities Pvt. Ltd. is prohibited. The
report is meant solely for use by the original recipient to whom it is sent. It does not take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situations, or needs of individual clients. The recommendations, if any, made herein are expression of views and/or opinions and should not be deemed or construed to be neither advice/offer for the purpose of purchase or sale of any securities mentioned herein. Investor should rely on information/data arising out of their own investigations. Investors are advised to seek independent professional advice and arrive at an informed trading/investment decision before executing any trades or making any investments.

Proficient or its associates including its relatives/analyst do not hold any financial interest/beneficial ownership of more than 1% in the company covered by Analyst. Proficient or its associates/ relatives neither has been debarred/suspended by SEBI or any other regulatory authority/exchange for accessing/ dealing in securities Market nor have any material conflict of interest. Proficient or its associates/ analyst have neither received any compensation from the company covered by Analyst during the past twelve months nor any subject company have been a client of Proficient during the past twelve months. Proficient or its associates has not received any compensation or other benefits from the company covered by analyst or third party in connection with the research report. The Analyst has not served as an officer, director or employee of company covered by Analyst and Proficient has not been engaged in market making activity of the company covered by Analyst.

The views expressed are based solely on information available publicly available/internal data/ other reliable sources believed to be true.Proficient does not represent/ provide any warranty express or implied to the accuracy, contents or views expressed herein and investors are advised to independently evaluate the market conditions/risks involved before making any investment decision.

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